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  • Vorname: Alla
  • Nachname: Kiss

Über mich

  • Vorname: Alla
  • Nachname: Kiss

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Its Not Me Its You: How To Generate 1st Date Flow

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Must-Haves in a Backpage Mate

In October, I wrote a blog titled “What I Want in a Man List.” At the time, I had recently mo...

The Top Ten Things That Women Find Sexy About Men

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Top 10 Best Movies For Couples

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When to Unplug: Consulting User-Generated Review Sites to Plan the Perfect Date

Technology and social networking have plugged us into a much broader world than we could ever hav...
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Alla Kiss
17. März 2020, 10:35

Been there, done then, hon.

My first boyfriend dumped me for another woman…TWICE!

My second boyfriend dumped me for a girl he met at a conference. He said nothing, then dumped me a few days later, moved to her hometown and had a baby with her not even a year later.

Alla Kiss
29. Januar 2020, 13:31

They want to know that if they perform a certain way, a specific outcome is inevitable. But the reality is that the outcome of your actions is not predictable.

Alla Kiss
29. Januar 2020, 13:27

And what I found is that it all comes down to a question of knowledge you need to know how to ask out a girl.

Alla Kiss
08. Januar 2020, 14:54

And she was smart as f*ck. And the electricity that ran through my body anytime she touched me could have powered the dating

Alla Kiss
20. Dezember 2019, 14:21


Hassan single ladies and whatsapp numbers for dating and love online

Alla Kiss
19. Dezember 2019, 16:22

I decided I wanted to make a list of goals for the year of 25.  I’ve heard from so many people that 25 was their best year EVER, and I really think this will help make it awesome in terms of challenging myself, trying new things, and continuing a journey of growth. So here’s what I’ve got so far.

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