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Been there, done then, hon.

My first boyfriend dumped me for another woman…TWICE!

My second boyfriend dumped me for a girl he met at a conference. He said nothing, then dumped me a few days later, moved to her hometown and had a baby with her not even a year later.

They want to know that if they perform a certain way, a specific outcome is inevitable. But the reality is that the outcome of your actions is not predictable.

And what I found is that it all comes down to a question of knowledge you need to know how to ask out a girl.

And she was smart as f*ck. And the electricity that ran through my body anytime she touched me could have powered the dating


Portuguese men

Norwegian men

Icelandic men

Romanian men

but I think next year will be a very interesting one indeed. And I’m always colder than everyone else too – I’ve taken to wearing the Snuggie on my front and my dressing gown on my back so I’m completely insulated!!

Swedish men

Spanish men

Australian men

Greek men

I have :) And yes I think this next year will be very different – coming to terms with being okay with not having my mum in my life is very new, as is the realisation that it’s okay to cut out negativity from your life –



I decided I wanted to make a list of goals for the year of 25.  I’ve heard from so many people that 25 was their best year EVER, and I really think this will help make it awesome in terms of challenging myself, trying new things, and continuing a journey of growth. So here’s what I’ve got so far.

Trenton Dating
Paterson Dating
New Brunswick Dating

Elizabeth Dating

For me when I’m angry I need to back off. Sometimes I need to step away from it all and sort of self protect myself from harm. I let the anger propel me forward into doing things, to take action and I think that’s the healthy way to deal with it. The things I’m doing today is not for me, I’ve already been screwed by society, but it’s for our kids and for everyone else ahead.

…ummm, then don’t date black men. For every choice you make in life there will consequences of those actions, good or bad.

If you can’t deal with the stigma attached to IR then stick to dating within your own race. It’s hard for all parties involved, directly and indirectly. This country is not in a place mentally and emotionally to openly embrace the idea as a whole. It’s reassuring to know that the ovulation doldrums won’t push us to get knocked up by the wrong guy. Even if it may prompt us to buy $100 hair highlights. 

Remember, you are as important and valuable as the other people you make promises to, you deserve the same integrity and commitment that your give to others!

A distracted writer is a distracted love, m’dear. I think I need to show him this blog post.
Great stuff… Do What You Must to Make Your Dreams into Reality

Gah, you are so speaking my language, Dani! I avoid Valentine’s Day at all costs. We don’t celebrate it and treat it like any other day – which is very much like what you described above. We choose to celebrate all the little things in our relationship instead throughout the year. 

Let’s get right down to it. As a man, dating is a health hazard. The entire process will leave you battered, beaten, and damn near death, if you’re not doing it right. THE SINGLE WORST PIECE OF ADVICE I'VE EVER HEARD TO FIND YOUR PERFECT PARTNER YOU HAVE TO ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS 

The Dance of Desires, Wishes and Dreams – Who is Supposed to Lead?  Kisses can be wonderful, but they are a rather intimate display of affection. This means, receiving a kiss in some places, and under certain circumstances, can be a bit embarrassing. These are the ten most embarrassing places to be kissed. You can stop the downward spiral before it gets that dire; you just need to ask yourself a few honest questions.