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A very big part of my dating game is being aloof (actually, being aloof is just what I naturally am), being a challenge, and making mature women chase after me. I would say that I do that better than anything, even better than being a funny guy. Once you get a woman to start chasing after you, gaming her is so much easier, as you are the one with the most value. Aloof game is probably the most effective game out there if you are really good at locking a girl in and setting her up to chase you.

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If aloof game is so good, then why isn’t it talked about more? I don’t know. However, what I can tell you, is how to set up the chase. I already covered part of this when I wrote Assanova’s Perfect Ten Game, so I won’t bother explaining how to throw a tease and walking away. However, I will cover other ways you can set up mature women to chase you.

You already know about how I do it verbally, by not giving out my name, information about myself, etc. However, I will cover something that I rarely mention: using your body to get a woman to chase you. The first way you can use your body, is once you make eye contact with a girl (DON’T FUCKING ASK ME HOW TO MAKE EYE CONTACT), give her a look of disgust ("you ain't shit" eyes), and turn your body away from her, with your head slowly following. If you are at all attractive, she is going to approach you.

Another way you can use your body to set up a chase, is the instant a girl says something that you disagree with, slowly turn your body some and start walking away. If she is at all attracted to you, she will chase you. Mature women absolutely hate it when you walk away from them while they are in mid-sentence trying to communicate something to you.

But what about your clothing and accessories? How can you use them to get mature women to chase you? I’ve tried just about everything out there, so let me tell you what doesn’t work first. Nothing below your neck will work. Why? I don’t know. I don’t care how nice your belt buckle, shoes, watch, or shirt are, she will not chase you down to see them. She might compliment you, but she isn’t going to chase you. There's just something about faces that humans are drawn to.

Knowing this, you should focus your accessorizing on anything from the neck up. Mature women are attracted to really big odd necklaces. The problem with that? Most nightclubs will not allow you in with a big necklace. They will either tell you to take it off or to tuck it in. Big necklaces are out of the question at most places.

But what can you wear that a woman will keep grabbing and reaching for? Any kind of interesting piercing. Regular earrings? She won’t chase. Weird earrings? She’ll chase. Any kind of piercing in an area that looks painful? She’ll chase. Every single night, a girl reaches and tries to touch one of my piercings. I swear, I get asked the same fucking question every night that I’m out: “Did that hurt?”. When they try to touch it, I quickly move my head away from them, while they insist on reaching until I let them touch it. And if you're going to get pierced, get pierced in good taste. Don't be one of those guys with a million fucking facial piercings.

Hats also draw the attention of mature women. Not regular hats, but flashy ones. Mature women are attracted to flash like bugs are attracted to light. Wear a flashy hat, and girls will be trying to grab for it. I wouldn’t wear anything too odd, but just something that is a little flashy. Some of you on facebook may notice that one of the hats I wear says “Inglewood” on it. Every single night I wear it, a girl either asks me about “Inglewood”, or they try to grab it and wear it.

And finally, there is one last thing that mature women will chase to see. And that is an odd tattoo. Normal tattoos? They don’t care. But an odd one? They’ll constantly be trying to see it and ask you about the meaning behind it. Personally, my tattoo is hidden, so she is unlikely to see it. However, if we’re just sitting down and hanging out, she’ll probably see it and start pressing me to see it and for information about it. Anytime this happens, just play a game of keep away and make her chase.