He’s Got Talent

Whether it’s his guitar-playing ability, his handyman expertise or penchant for photography, women love a man who has a passion and is good at it. There’s something very alluring about a lively, interesting guy with skills!

His Listening Ability

Guys, maybe we impress easily, but the fact that you actually remember how we order our lattes or that our favorite writer’s new novel is out is a huge deal! A guy who hears us and remembers our favorite things is extremely sexy. The ability to just listen and not necessarily give us direction is also a bonus.

Smarty Pants

Long after the looks fade, there’s a trait that can keep us in love forever. It’s called intelligence. A man who’s got that has a big advantage in life and love.

A Great Smile

In the physical realm, we all prefer different body types and sizes. One thing most women agree upon and notice immediately is a guy with a genuine smile. Having nice teeth is also a bonus. This tells us that he takes good care of himself!


He’s sweet to animals. He’s great with kids. He’s thoughtful and loving with his friends and family. This is a fantastic indicator that he will be good to us as well, and why kindness is a very desirable trait.

Humor Us

Laughter is the best therapy for dealing with life’s harsher moments. Being with a guy who has an excellent sense of humor and can also find the funny during tough times is a real find – and needless to say, sexy.


Ask any woman what makes a guy sexy and the collective answer is “confidence.” A man who is self-assured and knows what he wants is admirable and makes us feel secure when we are with him.

Eye Contact

Many women commented that a man who could look her in the eye was the definition of sincere and sexy. Now, a guy with great eyes who isn’t afraid to look into ours can make us a little weak in the knees. We love connection.

Drama Who?!

A guy who has got it all figured out – and doesn’t come bearing lots of drama, exes, or other issues, is refreshing, impressive and very appealing.


David Beckham is lucky he’s got great looks, because his voice … not so sexy. An average-looking guy with an amazing voice can increase his sexy ranking a few notches. Throw an accent in there and they are golden in our eyes!;redirect=